Staff Members

Mr. A. L. A. Azeez 
Ambassador and Permanent Representative

Mr. Srimal  Wickremasinghe
Deputy Chief of Mission

Mrs. M. E. Madurika J. Weninger
Minister and Head of Chancery

Ms. Savitri I. Panabokke

Mr. Nawodh S. Hennayake
Second Secretary

Mrs. M. Dilrukshi Welisarage

Ms. Malathi W. Rajapakse
Attaché (Consular & Administration)

Office Days:            Mo-Fr

Office Hours:          09.00-17.00
Consular Hours:     09.00-12.00

Holidays for Sri Lanka Embassy in Vienna - 2015

Thursday 1st January             New Year's day
Thursday 15th January           Tamil Thai Pongal Day
Wednesday 4th February       National day
Friday 3rd April                        Good Friday & Full Moon Poya day                                
Tuesday 14th April                  Sinhala & Tamil New year day
Friday 1st Mayy                       May day
Monday 4th May                      Vesak Full Moon Poya day
Monday 25th May                    Whit Monday
Thursday 4th June                  Corpus Christi
Saturday 18th July                  Id ul Fitr (Ramadan Festival day)
Friday 31st July                       Esala Full Moon Poya day
Thursday 24th September      Id-ul-Alha (Hadji Festival Day)
Monday 26th October             Austrian National day
Tuesday 10th November        Deepavali Festival Day
Thursday 24th December      Unduvap Full Moon Poya day/Christmas
Friday 25th December           Christmas day